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​Bitcoin relays on computing power being available 24/7 for processing all the transactions happening on the network. On regular banks, there’s a a few facilities which handle all the transactions, but on the bitcoin network this happens everywhere in the world, making it impossible to shut down the network. These computing machines are called “miners” because they generate bitcoins while they are being connected to the network and process transactions.

The bad side of having so many miners connected is that 80% of the electricity consumed by these machines turns into heat, while these machines are profitable because they generate more bitcoins than the electricity consumed, there’s a huge waste of energy if that heat is not captured and used.

This called for a smart solution to be implemented! I developed a system which attaches to a bitcoin mining machine and captures the heat generated by the machine. This system keeps the machine cool, is heating water and it reduces the noise produced by this machine by 90%.

A regular mining machine is air cooled and relays on powerful fans which spins at 6000 RPM’s, producing a noise similar to an old vacuum cleaner. Imagine keeping that connected 24/7 in your house, that will drive you nuts. The water cooling system reduces this noise, making it similar to the noise a fridge is making.

Traditional boylers have a resistence inside which sucks electricity producing heat. These often consume from 2 up to 5 Kw every hour while they are powered on. You’re basically throwing money out the window by heating a coil which then heats the water surounding it. The Bitcoin Heater will produce heat by opening and closing transistors, similar to what your computer CPU is doing, but at a much larger scale. 

Imagine the feeling of getting paid while you take a hot shower or while growing your own vegetables inside a heated greenhouse. 

There’s no worst feeling than paying for inneficient systems. Heating water with traditional boylers is one of these systems. In 2019 you can now make money while heating the water.

In the past these execution plans were mine alone, but now I’m making them available to the public, so the DIY community can get some valuable projects going on.

That’s due to the amount of testing and customization which took place. I invested thousands of dollars paying programmers to modify the software for this project.

You will get instant access to the blueprints, video guides and CAD files used to put this system together.

As a bonus, I give you the fine-tuned software which will allow increasing the power of these mining machines by up to 35%, that will translate into making more bitcoins with your mining equipment

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Creator of BTC Greenhouse

I am an engineer working on optimizing bitcoin mining equipment. Last year I managed to improve the efficiency by 50% of a datacenter which is mining bitcoin. I’ve done that using solar panels and water cooling instead of traditional systems.

I arranged this guide so any type of person can modify the mining machine. I give you access to all the source files that I used to build this machine and I also give you a full list of items which must be purchased and links where you can find them online so you don’t waste your own time hunting for those items.

The video guides will cover in detail the building stage of the greenhouse, mining equipment modification and bitcoin cashing in, so you can actually get access to usable money after you plug this system in.

Here’s a quick table showing the pros and cons of using this system.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I give you my 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. I am aware that you might not trust my word for it, but the payments are handled by, a world leader when it comes to payment processing solutions. They are aware of the 60 days guarantee I offer to my clients and they will be happy to refund the payment if for any reason you decide that this project is not for you.

After the purchase you get redirected to a download page and you get instant access to all the video guides and blueprints to begin building your system.

Once you get all the parts, it will take between 2 to 4 days to assembly everything together, depending on how much time you can dedicate to this project per day.

Knowing basic things about operating a computer helps for sure, but if you never touch one before, as longs as you can follow the step-by-step instructions you are going to be fine. offer a wide variety of payment solutions. It supports all the major credit card companies and you can also pay with the trusty paypal service.

You have 60 days to try this guide and if you decide that’s not for you for any reason, you can contact our staff and request a refund.

As I mentioned, my work is mainly on optimizing bitcoin mining equipment and I have worked with programmers developing a software which allows controling the processing speed, generating more or less heat, depending on your requirements.

P.S.: The silliest thing you could do right now, is to close this page without taking action. You will probably see that in a few months or even weeks from now, you could’ve gotten a real profit by running your custom bitcoin water heater, instead of continuing paying for electricity or gas to heat your water, home, shed, garage or a greenhouse.

Yes, I want to start getting [benefit] now!

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